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The Resources listed below are for informational purposes only.  It is up to the individual and
their doctor to choose which information is best for them.  If you have any additional ideas or
suggestions, please contact me at so we can share them with others.

Newly Diagnosed Teleconference          MSActiveSource
FREE Live teleconference for people new to MS, featuring MS Experts.  Ask, Listen, Learn
Click here for more information  or type or click

NMSS National MS Society                                                               NMSS (Publications) (Advocacy Program on Stem Cells, SSDI, etc.) (Social Security MS Handbook)

NMSS MS Learn Online                                                                     NMSS (Webcasts) (Previously Recorded Webcasts)

MSF MS Foundation                                                                           MSF (Publications)

Making Strides: Perspectives on Living With MS, has provided up-to-date information and practical tips
for people living with MS, their families, and care partners.

New Reads From The MSF Lending Library

The MSF Lending Library delivers books, CDs, and DVDs to your door upon request. 
You may borrow books at or by calling
1-888-MSFOCUS (673-6287)

MSAA MS Association of America                                                     MSAA (Publications)

MS Center of FL Foundation                                                              MSCFL

Myelin Repair Foundation

Cooling Program                                   MSF                                             MSAA

Homecare Assistance Program             MSF

Assistive Tech. Equipment                   MSF

Equipment                                MSAA

Assistive Devices (Very thorough Listing) and Adaptive Equipment

Free phone/minutes to those that qualify - Ex:  Household of 2 can have yearly income of $18,900. 
Remember only 1 per household

Adaptive Fishing Equipment

Bowling Ball Rowler

Stair-Climbing Wheelchair with 4 WD (Covered by VA)

The Orlando hospitality community welcomes guests with disabilities by providing a number of services to make you feel more at home
during your stay.  Click to view a complete list of our members who provide services for guests with disabilities, or browse the
following areas of interest:

Theme Parks/Attractions | Accommodations
Transportation/Tours | Parking | Wheelchair, ECV Rentals

Home Modification Program                  MSAA

Brighter Tomorrow $1,000 Grant                        MSF

NMSS Quality of Life $1,500 Grant

Center for Independent Living

Home and Vehicle Modifications
Assisting  people with disabilities in making arrangements for home and  vehicle  modifications and
equipment. Our home and vehicle modification services  provide funding for qualified individuals with
disabilities to  improve access in  their home or vehicle. Services may include  building ramps, widening
doors,  bathroom remodeling, and hand  controls. Also provided are smoke detectors and  doorbell signalers 
for the deaf.

Local - Center for Independent Living of North Central Florida
3445 NE 24th St., Ocala, FL  34470          368-3788

For Home Remodeling, etc. Contact::
Larry Brown   (c) (352) 816-0732  (Jean's Hubby) or
John Canney   (h) (352) 624-3534   (c) (352) 454-1470  Disabled Acces. Spec.

Home Instead - Local contact:  Jim Samuelson, 1411 NE 22nd Ave.,
Ocala, FL  34470 - (352) 622-6447

These senior home care services may include assistance with trips to the doctor, reminders to take the
right medication at the right time, meal preparation, light housekeeping, errands, shopping and even
Alzheimer's and dementia care. The result is companionship allowing seniors to feel safe and independent
while they age in place in the home they've lived in for years.

Integrity Home Health Care
Richard Mitchell
(352) 804-3077 (Cell)

Country Side House Calls - They Bring the Clinic to Your Home! - Physician Assistant Making House Calls -
$49 for the first 30 minutes in your home.  (Additional Services Extra) -
Treating Chronic Disease, Weight Management, Infections, Minor Injuries, Illness.  Prescriptions, order and interpret diagnostic
tests and xrays, referrals and phone call follow-ups.  Call (352) 854-4985 - They will give you paperwork to submit to insurance
company. Some insurance companies may reimburse you.

Portable Scooter

The Lexis-Light  Is Easily The World's Lightest Scooter, Weighting Only 54 Pounds.
The Lexis Light Easily Folds Into A Small Compartment That Will Fit In The Trunk Of 'Any' Car
And Can Be Taken On A Plane As Carry On Luggage.  Go to

MRI Diagnostic Fund                                               MSAA

MRI Institute Follow-up                                                MSAA

Lending Library                                    MSAA                              MSF

Talking Book (FL Bureau of Talking Library)

1-800-226-6075 - Ask for Michael Gunde

He'll send application and after having your Doctor sign for, you will receive Audio

Clinical Trials in Florida:

More Clinical Trials:

There are some ongoing trials in FL for secondary progressive, etc.  If you click on the one you
are interested in you can then click on locations and see if they are doing them in FL for that one
Homeopathic Trials:
Clinical Trials - Esperanza Peptide - (The treatment is a Homeopathic sublingual once a day. 
It is their unique peptide ina saline solution that allows conduction function.  It is safe and tasteless.)

CRAB Drugs:

Copaxone - Manuf:  Teva Neuroscience (Shared Solutions) (support program)

Rebif - Manuf:  Serono (Also includes novantrone for Progresive MS (support program) (teleconferences)

Serono offers 'head start' on MS drug access

Under the program, which is only being run in the US, participants will receive up to one year of therapy regardless of income level, with no more than a $50 co-payment required of any patient.  Eligible participants are those with relapsing forms of MS who have either been newly prescribed Rebif (interferon beta-1a) or who have restarted the drug after having discontinued for more than 90 days.

Avonex - Manuf:  Biogen (support program)

Betaseron - Manuf:  Berlex (Has Champions of Courage Program (up to $7,000 grant) (support program)

Berlex is establishing a new Patient Assistance Program (PAP) for Betaseron.  Will go into effect
January 1, 2007.  You can contact Betaseron Founcation at 1-800

Experts Online

The Rocky Mountain MS Center has an Online Forum where anyone can get answers with MS. 
Please click the link below to check it out.

Web MD

Health Talk Radio (Ask Health Questions) (Dr. Z's Audios/Videos)

Daily Strength Q & A

MS Sites from A-Z

United Spinal Org. 

Membership in the United Spinal Association is free and open to all individuals who have a spinal cord injury or disorder or who have Multiple Sclerosis or the other diseases listed below and you will also receive their great Action Magazines Free. 
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Spina Bifida
  • Diastematomyelia
  • Tethered spinal cord syndrome
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
  • Poliomyelitis
  • Syringomyelia


Timely, lively, and informative articles and editorials on life with a disability.. Action Online offers articles ranging from lifestyles to research. Get in on the Action! Click here to read it.

Offered through United Spinal Association, this travel agency’s staff has dealt with a variety of accessibility issues that travelers with disabilities encounter, including accessible transportation to and from the airport, stowage of wheelchairs or other mobility equipment on board an aircraft, accessible hotel accommodations, and access to medical equipment.

More Topics

Alternative Medicine                                                       MSF  (See examples below) 

Take 5 grams of soy lecithin granules daily (store this in the refrigerator and sealed tightly to avoid exposure to oxygen. Lecithin destabilizes with oxygen). Lecithin works with EFA's and other nutrients to produce myelin. (One side effect of lecithin is elevated blood sugars).  Lecithin works with EFA's and other nutrients to produce myelin.

  • Several studies have shown that linoleic acid, in a dose of 17-23 grams, may reduce the severity and length of MS flares and may decrease disability as well.

    Autopsies show that multiple sclerosis patients have significantly less lecithin in the brain, spine and myelin sheath than normal persons.  (One side effect of lecithin is elevated blood sugars)

    For more experiences on Lecithin see:

  • Mangosteen - With the power of the antioxidant-packed mangosteen and a whole-food blend of 12 fruits and 12 vegetables, these vitamins take it to a whole new level. Learn more... - Contact:  Valerie Hazelden, Independent Xango Distributor at 
  • Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Herbology - (954) 415-8620 located in Ocala

  • Prescription Assistance

    Drug Discount Card for Marion County, FL Residents Only

  • Click here: Florida Discount Drug Card

    Free at Most Pharmacies and Freedom Plublic Library (can be used with or without insurance)
    (additional savings if 3 month supply ordered) Can also be used while traveling                                        
    NORD (May help with donut hole too)     (apps. for Drug Companies)

  • Medicaid

    Area 3BCitrus, Hernando, Lake, Marion, and Sumter Counties
    (352) 732-1349
    Toll Free 1-877-724-2358



  • Qualified Disorders for Automatic Soc. Sec. Disability Approval
    Click here: Appendix 1 to Subpart P

  • FL Toll Permit Program


    In order to receive a no-cost Resident Disabled Person's Hunting and Fishing License applicants must
    provide proof of being totally and permanently disabled. Not all disabled persons will meet the criteria
    to receive the no-cost license. The license is not a disability accommodation but an economic
    accommodation for the segment of the disabled population who typically can least afford to pay for the license.            Application

    Happiness Site

    MS Symptoms


    Multiple Sclerosis International Federation

    MS Trust in UK

    Another Person's MS Journey

    Kristie's MS Video - Anyone with MS Should Relate

    Breaking News                                    NMSS

    Vitamin B3 Protects Brain Cells - Even in Late-State Multiple Sclerosis

    Fingolimod Oral MS Pill Phase III - Clinical Trials Underway

    Fingolimod 3-Year Results Show Continued Low Relapse and Disease Activity in MS

    Good News for Oral MS Drug Fingolimod

    70% of Multiple Sclerosis Patients Are Relapse-Free After 3 Years on Fingolimod

    Fampridine Phase III - Improves Walking Speed and Leg Strength in MS

    Cladribine Oral MS Pill Phase III - FDA Agrees to Fast Review for Pill Being Tested for MS

    Company Still Recruiting for Clinical Trial

    Cognition and Vegetables


  • Neuromuscular Massage


    Walking Assist Device with Stride Management System Prototype by Honda (can even help go up stairs)



  • Walkaide Reimbursement!! - NEW -    We do have limited reimbursement with the Walkaide now. It is worth the visit to see if anyone that is a walkaide candidate be properly screened. If the device can help them walk, we can submit and see if it gets approved. 
    Dr. Ulysses Singleton, DPT, Rehabilitation Specialist, Innovative Neurotronics, Inc.,
    (407) 376-3353 cell, 888-884-6462 (toll free)
    512-721-1900 (local) Fax: 512-329-5097
    Question? or go to web site

  • Senior Home Care in Ocala FL
    America's Premier Non-Medical Senior Home Care Provider!
    Visiting Angels, 953 NE Osceola Avenue, Ocala, FL  34470.  Servicing Marion County.
    For more information, please contact their home office at 1-800-365-4189.

  • Home Incare Program - In Home meals, errands, ride to Dr's appts., etc. - most $16/hr -
    minimum 4 hrs. if once/week 3 hrs. if more than once a week.  Can also do overnights. - Jim Samuelson (352) 622-6447

  • Florida Palliative Home Care - Christine Spicochi, LPN
    Cell (352) 266-9073, Office (352) 873-0475, Fax (352) 291-5135, Home (352) 694-9430
    (Talked about Hyperbaric Chamber/Glyco Nutrients/Home Device for B.P. readings,
    Blood sugar readings, Taking Pills, etc. covered by Medicare and most Insurance.

  • Yoga & Laughter - Diane Howe (813) 935-7538

    The Villages Wellness Center - Sharon McClurg, Certified Yoga Instructor (352) 753-6910,
    Fax (352) 753-4041 - 1400 US Highway 441N, Suite 810, The Villages, FL  32159

  • Marion Therapeutic Riding Association (MTRA) is a premier accredited
    therapeutic horseback and carriage riding organization for individuals
    of all ages challenged by physical, mental or emotional disabilities.

  • Handicapped Recreation Adaptive Equipment

    ASA Adaptive Skiing

  • New Dimensions Scholarship Program

    ASA has established a scholarship program with the objective of increasing support for out-of-state, first-time skiers
    and snowboarders.  In turn, these new participants will help develop new relationships with various recreational therapists,
    service clubs, support groups, and disability organizations to ensure even more participation in our program.  ASA believes
    this will enhance the lives of an increasing number of people with disabilities by offering a new area of self-fulfillment.  The
    statements of the overwhelming majority of past scholarship recipients have convinced us that the testimonial of just one person
    whose life has been changed by this experience can open the door for many others

    Website for Gathering MS Symptom Info and Exchanging Information and Support

    Goal is to enable people to share information that can improve the lives of patients diagnosed with
    life-changing diseases. To make this happen, we've created a platform for collecting and sharing real
    world, outcome-based patient data and are establishing data-sharing partnerships with doctors,
    pharmaceutical and medical device companies, research organizations, and non-profits. Contact us if
    you're interested in working together to achieve our goals.

    Stu's Views and MS Related News

    Congressman Clifford Stearns - Working for Florida's Sixth District since 1989
    Has local office in Ocala and is an MS Advocate (can sometimes help with Social Security Disability Turndowns (must be after turn-down and before petition to go in front of a judge).  Also issues with transportation, or other issues relating to disabilities.

    115 S.E. 25th Ave.
    Ocala, FL 34471
    Phone 352-351-8777

  • Elder Law Attorney (Living Wills, Wills, Durable Power of Attorney, Estate Planning, etc.) Was at our Feb 2009 Meeting.

  • Colleen M. Duris
    Florida Bar, Board Certified Elder Law Attorney
    500 NE 8th Avenue
    Ocala, FL 34470
    (352) 732-7020
    fax (352) 867-5111

  • Visiting Angels - Senior Home Care - America's Premier Non-Medical Senior Home Care Provider! in Ocala, FL and surrounding areas
    John Spang
    8405 SW 80th St. (OTOW Circle Square Commons Ste. 14)
    Ocala FL 34481
    Servicing Marion County
    (352) 620-8484

  • Comfort Keepers - Senior Home Care -

    • Conversation And Companionship
    • Personal Care
    • Medication Reminders
    • Meal Preparation
    • Incidental Transportation
    • Light Housekeeping

  • 352-331-7760 Gainesville
    352-237-0008 Ocala
    352-259-0893 The Villages



  • Popular Ocala Neurologists:

    Dr. Jose' Gaudier
    1805 SE 16th Ave
    Bldg 1202
    Ocala, FL 34471
    (352) 732-8630

    Dr. William Gaya
    801 SW 1st Ave.
    Ocala, FL  34471
    (352) 732-7233
    Dr. Jeffrey Borkoski (Also has office in Gainesville)
    3304 SW 34th Circle
    Ocala, FL  34474
    (352) 291-0210

  • Open MRI and Sleep Center
    Dr. Kim
    FL Neurological Center
    2237 19th Ave. Rd.
    Ocala, Fl  34471
    (352) 867-9877

    Dr. Latif Hamed
    3230 SW 33rd Rd.
    Ocala, FL  34474
    (352) 237-0090


    Dr. Antonio Disclafani or
    Dr. Barry Kaplan
    1901 SE 18th Ave.
    Ocala, FL  34471
    (352) 622-3360

  • Chiropractor:

    Fakhoury Chiropractic Clinic
    1009 SW 17th St.
    Ocala, FL  34474
    (352) 351-3413

  • NMSS - Symptom Info

    Symptom Information

    The following combo-box uses JavaScript to jump to information about each MS symptom as soon as the option is selected. If this functionality causes problems with your assistive software, you may access symptom information in the MS Symptoms section of the website.

    Send Info

    Please contact Jean with any stories or info. you'd like shared with others.

    Contact:  Jean McGrail, Facilitator        (352) 207-4251


                   Debbie Dann, Co-Facilitator