Marion County Multiple Sclerosis Self-Help Group, Ocala, Florida

Enjoying Life One Day at a Time!

Welcome to the MS Chat Room - Enter a Nickname (No Spaces Between Words) - You Don't Need a Password! - Group Chat Mon-Sun @ 7:00 p.m.

Free Java Chat Room

You just won the Lotto!

1. Whats the first thing you do?

2. Who do you call first?

3. Where do you shop first?

4. What do you buy?!

5. New car:

6. House in:

7. Who you would give money to:

8. Would you quit work?

9. Stupidest thing you would buy (ie- a Tyrannosaurus Egg.):

10. What restaurant would you go to like, all the time?

11. Would you buy a puppy farm?

12. Where would you travel?

13. How many times would you still say to no bums asking for change?

14. Would you donate any to charity?

15. Could we borrow like, 10 bucks?

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