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Multiple Sclerosis Newsletter  |  Week of May 18  
In This Issue:
 Celiac Disease: Most Unaware They've Got It
 Sex, Intimacy, and Multiple Sclerosis
 Could Vision Trouble Be Related to MS?

Today's Top Story: Pediatric MS Disrupts Brain Development
Scientists say that the earlier multiple sclerosis develops, the more likely a child will have a lower IQ score.
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 Managing MS: What Works for You?
 Learn How to Help Someone With MS
 Strength Training for MS

Health News Headlines

Celiac Disease: Most Unaware They've Got It
A new study shows the criteria for diagnosing the disorder may be too stringent, leaving many people undiagnosed and untreated.

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 Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?
 Celery May Prevent Brain Inflammation
 Relaxing Music Lowers Blood Pressure
 FDA Approves Generic Requip
 Top Heart-Friendly Cities for Women

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Sex, Intimacy, and Multiple Sclerosis
It is not surprising that many people with multiple sclerosis have a decline in sexual desire. The good news is that despite the fatigue, muscle spasms, and bladder control problems of MS, there are ways to improve sexual function and intimacy.
 Also See: Your Diet and Depression

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Members Are Talking

From the Multiple Sclerosis Support Group message board:

Could Vision Trouble Be Related to MS?
This WebMD member is experiencing odd vision trouble and asks others for their input. Don't miss reading this message and respond with your words of wisdom.

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Relapsing MS: Proven Therapy
If you're newly diagnosed or considering changing treatments, you should know about an effective therapy.It's been proven effective in three key measures. Learn more about this therapy.

Taking Care of Someone with Alzheimer's Disease?
It's a tough job, but talking frankly with the patient's doctor about treatment options can help. Print these 10 questions to ask on your next visit.

Is Your RA Treatment Doing Enough? If you are still experiencing significant pain and stiffness, it might be time to talk to your doctor about trying a different RA
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Tysabri Causes Melanoma/Heparin Alert

February 15, 2008

News Alert: FDA Probes 4 Heparin Deaths

Melanoma Cases May Be Linked to MS Drug
Two multiple sclerosis patients developed malignant melanoma -- a deadly form of skin cancer -- soon after starting treatment with Tysabri. Learn more.

Week of Oct. 28

Today's Top Story: Eye Scans a New Way to Track MS?
Researchers say a high-tech but painless eye scan shows promise for monitoring MS. Learn more about this new way to track (and better control) the disease.
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Guide to Testing and Diagnosis for MS
 Massage as Medicine?

Proposal to Change Medicare Drug Plan
With MS medicines commonly running $2,000 a month, many people on Medicare were excited about the prescription drug plan added in 2003. Now Congress is considering changes to "Part D."

  Yoga for MS

Yoga’s healing powers are now helping MS patients lead happier, healthier lives.

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   Wheelchair Raptor

  Multiple Sclerosis Vaccine

  Multiple Sclerosis and Exercise

Web MD - Oct. 14

Multiple Sclerosis Newsletter  |  Week of October 14  
In This Issue:
 MS That Runs in Families May Be Worse
 Taking Care When MS Flares
 The Power of Positive Speaking

Today's Top Story: Taking a Look at a Test Drug
It's so experimental that it doesn't have a real name yet, but rHIgM22 has produced some noteworthy results in mice. Read up on this MS drug now entering the research pipeline.
 Also See: Clinical Trials for Multiple Sclerosis

Watch It Now: Weight Training for MS?

Health News Headlines

MS That Runs in Families May Be Worse
When family ties involve MS, there may be greater concerns to address. Get the details on this recent news.

A Job Link for Autoimmune Disease?
Can your occupation lead to MS, lupus, or the like? A new study looks at teachers, farmers, bookkeepers, bankers, and more.
 Also See: Managing MS? What's Working for You?

More Headlines You Shouldn't Miss:
 Meditation Quickly Cuts Stress
 Strong Conscience May Help Curb Alzheimer's
 Drinking Tea May Slow Bone Loss

Editor's Picks

The Big Wake-Up Call for Women
Weight gain, insomnia, hot flashes, headaches -- are you listening to your body? Christiane Northup, MD, joins Oprah to help you decode these signals.
 Tune In Tuesday, Oct. 16: The Oprah Winfrey Show
(check local listings for times)

Taking Care When MS Flares
See this report for insight into caring for yourself during an MS flare-up.

Germ Warfare: Strike Down Colds and the Flu
A winter cold can make MS flare, so it's best to avoid germ-filled places, starting with your doctor's tie. You'll never guess all the places those nasty germs live!

Pinocchio Nose Syndrome?
It's a surprising complaint: People tell doctors their noses are growing and they want it to stop! Is it real? Can it be fixed? Learn more at Robert Kotler, MD's expert blog for WebMD.
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 Simple Secrets of Beautiful Women
 The 10 Best Foods You Aren't Eating

More Hot Topics on WebMD
 Boost Your Brain With Sudoku
 Are You Doing Enough for Your Bones?

Members Are Talking

The Power of Positive Speaking
Are the very words you use to describe your health problems worsening them? And can using positive words help ease the pain? Pain management expert Indie Cooper-Guzman, RN, asks for your comments in her expert blog for WebMD.

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Relapsing MS Therapy
This therapy is proven effective for reducing MS relapses, MS lesions and slowing disability progression.

Alzheimer's disease in your life?
10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Alzheimer's disease and a treatment option which may help slow the progression of symptoms, making it easier to cope with everyday challenges.

80% of People With Hepatitis C Have NO Symptoms
Think you may have been in contact with an infected person's blood? Learn if you have risk factors for this serious disease.

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Web MD - September 2007

Multiple Sclerosis Newsletter  |  Week of September 16  
In This Issue:
 Take WebMD's New 'Managing MS' Checkup
 A Drink a Day to Keep the Heart Doctor Away?
 Does MS Run in Families?

Today's Top Story:
Electronic Insomnia -- Does the Internet Cause Sleep Lose?

Ever considered that the hours you spend in front of a computer screen could be the cause for your sleep loss? WebMD's sleep disorders expert Michael Breus, PhD, sheds light on the subject.
 Also See: Sleep Loss When You Have a Chronic Illness

Watch It Now: Energizing Yoga for MS

Health News Headlines

Prevent Kids' Asthma With Fish & Tomatoes?
First they found that kids with cats & dogs were less likely to develop asthma. Now it seems a diet full of fish and "fruity vegetables" may ward off asthma and allergies.
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 Food Additives May Make Kids Hyper
 Lose Weight! Tastes Great!

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 A Drink a Day to Keep the Heart Doctor Away?
 Far Right? Anything-Goes-Lefty? Brain Scans May Tell
 Expert Panel Says Aspartame Sweetener Safe
 Hot Flash News! Flaxseed Works

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Take WebMD's New 'Managing MS' Check-Up
What has your experience with MS been like? You've probably learned there's a lot to learn when it comes to managing life with MS. Try our interactive checkup to test your knowledge.
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 What's the Right Treatment for Your MS Symptoms?
 The Patterns and Courses of MS

Asthma, Depression, Diabetes ... What's Worse?
A new worldwide survey compares the health effects of depression with other chronic illnesses like diabetes and asthma. The results include some surprises ... and a shockingly low rate of treatment for people do get the blues.
 Also See: The Sneaky Symptoms of Depression

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 Play the Sudoku Brain Booster Game
 Tips for Relieving Leg Discomfort of RLS
 Don't Let Your Bladder Make You Blush

Members Are Talking

Does MS Run in Families?
"I was recently diagnosed with MS. I was telling my siblings about it and my brother said that MS must be what he has, too."

Read this member's complete message and see how others responded. Then join the conversation and share what you know.

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Relapsing MS Therapy
This therapy is proven effective for reducing MS relapses, MS lesions and slowing disability progression.

January WebMD

Multiple Sclerosis Newsletter  |  Week of January 7   
In This Issue:
 Vaccine May Reverse MS Symptoms

Today's Top Story: Vitamin D May Protect Against MS

Researchers report a strong link between vitamin D levels in the body and MS risk. Find out what race has to do with it.
 Also See: Vitamin B3 May Help MS

Watch It Now: Post-Holiday Blues? Here's What to Do

Health News Headlines

Put Your Mind to Beating Pain
Experts say the best weapon against chronic low back pain might be your head.
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 Common Pain Drugs to Get New Warnings
 4 Anytime Stress Busters

More Health Headlines
 Love or Money -- Which Makes Us Happy?
 Training Slows Brain Aging

Editor's Picks

Vaccine May Reverse MS Symptoms
Watch this story of a massage therapist declining rapidly from MS. She got her life back. Maybe you can too!

Quick Links to More Hot Topics on WebMD
 Don't Be Embarrassed by an Overactive Bladder
 Feeling the Burn of Heartburn?

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Connect with the MS Community In A New Way!
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Week of July 22

 Is Race a Factor in MS?
While MS is not as common in African-Americans as it is in whites, cases that do develop often are more severe. Scientists are not sure why this is, but it may be a matter of genetics.
 Also See: What Is the Right MS Treatment for You?

Watch It Now: Less Expensive Alternative for MS Fatigue

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