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Flu Season

    Flu Season is here!  Please click the link below to find out how to avoid the flu.  Make sure you read all the way down!  I promise it will make you smile!

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Here's one of the quotes from the web site below

"Pain and Suffering is Inevitable, but Misery is Optional"


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Math Games galore involving probability, illusions, fractals (if you play you'll find out what they are).

Traditional board games to animated cartooons.  Some require good hand-eye coordination or may be hard to see, but sound effects and lively graphics make them fun.

Offers excellent brain stimulators from syndicated columnist Terry Stickels.

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Can't eat Beef 

 Mad cow.... 



Can't eat chicken 

bird flu

Can't eat eggs .




Can't eat pork ...

fears of trichinosis...   

Can't eat fish ...

heavy metals in the water 

Can't eat fruits and veggies   

insecticides and herbicides











I  believe that leaves Chocolate!!!!!!!!  



Remember  - - -  


spelled  backwards is

"   DESSERTS   "  



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