Marion County Multiple Sclerosis Self-Help Group, Ocala, Florida

Enjoying Life One Day at a Time!

Pool Pics

More pictures to be coming shortly!  Please come back and check in a few days!



If you can go in your clothes, so can I              Getting some Excercise!


Whew I almost lost my balance!                       The Water Charleston Trio!


An Invigorating Swim Makes a man                         Happy Birthday Elaine!

feel like Superman!


Fun&Games Day Sept. 27


Ruthie and her mom, Ramona                       Thank Goodness I Played Mini Golf


Sure Wish I had a Putter!                     The Scorekeeps and Cheerleaders!

Practicing for the Golf Shuffleboard Championship!


           Ruthie wanting the Yahtzee Crown Back!

Halloween Party/Cards & Games





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